Professional Licensing and Certification, DEA Investigation, & ABMS Specialty Certification

We provide a full range of counseling and representation assisting health care providers with state licensing board and federal Drug Enforcement Agency actions.  We also assist with certification issues related to ABMS specialty certifications, and with insurance payor panel approvals.

Licensing Enforcement Actions

Lawyers for Professional Licensing and CertificationProviders who are being investigated by state or federal licensing authorities, including the DEA, should always have experienced legal counsel to represent them, especially with the trend toward investigators telling providers that they do not need or should not have an attorney.

We also assist providers in responding to CMS notices of possible exclusion from federal program participation.  This federal administrative Exclusion Authority can have a career-ending effect, and providers need experienced counsel to guide them through the response process.

Denial of Application for Licensing

We represent applicants who have been denied an application for licensure in either their current state or in a new state.  We work regularly with licensing boards and understand the administrative law process, and can help with the proper presentation of information in support of the application, and also provide advice on the approach to requests for reconsiderations or appeals of unfavorable decisions.

Residency, Fellowship and ABMS Certification

We have experience assisting providers who are facing challenges with the completion of post-graduate training programs or obtaining specialty board certification.  Understanding the relationships between hospitals and medical schools, and the different rules governing their actions, is essential to providing efficient advice to newer members of the health care professions.

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