Corporate Health Care

News media cover, almost weekly now, stories of mergers and acquisitions involving clinical health care providers and national and international corporations not traditionally in the health care business.   In addition, primary care services are being provided directly by other health care stakeholders.  While primary care clinics based in pharmacies have been successful for several years, other models of innovative design and delivery are exploding nationwide.

Retail conglomerates, information technology companies, and other industry segments with no traditional or even apparent connection to health care are entering the market.  Stilling & Harrison attorneys have worked with several of these innovative models, and we enjoy partnerships with the entrepreneurs who are advancing these creative approaches to the quadruple aim of lower cost, greater access, better quality and higher satisfaction.

Many of these ideas challenge the existing assumptions of health care regulation, and require creative solutions based upon an extensive knowledge of the law and business.  We bring that knowledge to the process of converting your ideas to innovative realities.

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