Licensed Professional Providers

Professionalism is an essential ethical quality in health care providers, but it has legal and   regulatory  dimensions as well.   State licensing boards have enormous power to control the granting, renewing and limiting of licenses to practice regulated occupations.  Even providers who are not licensed may be regulated.  For example, while Dental Hygienists are licensed, Dental Assistants are not, but states do regulate and discipline Dental Assistants.

Providers who prescribe controlled substances must have prescriptive authority from the state as well as from the Drug Enforcement Administration.  DEA regulations and enforcement actions, especially given the heightened concerns arising from the opioid crisis, require careful compliance to avoid loss of a State controlled substances license or Federal DEA registration.  Stilling & Harrison attorneys work with state and federal regulators regularly in negotiating and resolving concerns about professional licensing, and represent providers in enforcement actions, hearings and appeals.

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